Monday, 14 December 2009

The "Management"

This is "Aggro", a female American Red-tailed Hawk. Very well named. A very good judge of people, she soon lets us know if she doesn't like anyone.

The one on the right is my pride and joy, "Orla", the female Golden Eagle. Anyone who witnesses the relationship we have goes away in disbelief. Just imagine a possessive, jealous, and selfish woman, then multiply by ten, that is Orla. Still, I wouldn't swap her for anything.
The patients in the hospital continue to show signs of progress. The Buzzard, shot in the wing, has now started to grow new feathers where the flesh was badly damaged. Things are looking up.

The bad weather has really played havoc with the training of the birds. Heavy rain, thick fog, high winds, you name it, we have had it. It is, after all, Scotland.

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