Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Cold Weather

This is us into our fourth week without running water, and our third week of constant sub-zero temperatures. It is very difficult to do any serious cleaning as the ground is solid, and there is always a danger of the water causing the pen doors, perches, and walls, to freeze. We can't even give the birds a bath. The paths and entrance way are covered in frozen snow, we have to be careful when the few visitors we have come in.

We have pushed the weight of the birds up as the weather is so cold, so, no flying just now. It gives us a chance to get other things done, like making leather and leashes, and catching up on paperwork and documentation.

The hospital is full just now so a lot of care and attention being given to the patients. One shot Buzzard, one Buzzard that had badly infected feet and damaged wing, one Buzzard we picked up last week with a damaged eye caused by a collision with a car, not too serious though, he should go back next week, weather permitting. The Tawny Owl that lost an eye, and the Sparrowhawk with the broken wing will both be adopted by us, they are on antibiotics to ensure infection doesn't set in.

I was gobsmacked this afternoon. We normally have three wild Buzzards flying around or over the centre. This afternoon, one of them landed on one of the flagpoles, right above the Golden Eagle, luckily she didn't see it. As if that wasn't enough, I witnessed three Buzzards attacking each other, presumably the resident pair and an intruder. I couldn't believe how aggressive they were. They are obviously suffering because of the weather, with very little to eat.

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