Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Time Flies

It doesn't seem that long since I wrote the last news. A lot has happened since then. Firstly, our pipes have thawed out, without any bursts, and we have managed to get some serious cleaning done. Unfortunately, the thawing ice has showed just how much work is required to make the bird accommodation waterproof. We carried out repairs to the weathering pens, securing the door retaining boards.

We have attended a few schools and establishments with our education visits and displays, I keep saying how rewarding it is to get such good feedback, and see how much the public enjoy meeting and learning about the birds. As well as being out and about, we have had two birthday parties at the centre, both went down well, and the kids loved being so close to the owls.

Sadly, the wild Buzzard with the damaged eye had to be put to sleep. An infection in his chest was causing breathing problems which steadily became worse. Despite the best attention of ourselves and the vet, the only humane thing to do was to end his discomfort.

I am looking forward to longer hours of daylight, and warmer weather. There is so much to be done to get the centre looking it's best, and to get the birds in the best of condition. Tons of sand, and gallons of paint, together with lots of branches and wood. New flags, bow perches to refurbish, hospital to paint, classroom to fit out, it all adds up to a very busy year ahead.

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  1. It is a shame that we live so far away. Otherwise we would be over to help to
    get the place fixed. Hope you get lots of
    help!!!!!! Greetings from Katja and Martin, adoptive parents from Oscar and Teigan