Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Soggy Eagle

I came across this photograph today. It was taken last September at Ross Priory on Loch Lomond, the same day we saw an Osprey flying across the loch about thirty yards away.

I have referred to this photograph as "The Patriotic Eagle".

Back to the present. Another frosty start, frozen pipes for a few hours, eventually we got quite a bit of cleaning done. And again, the girls did the dusting in the office.

The Centre is gaining new friends and fans through "Facebook". We already have a few followers on the Blog, now we are gaining many new "Fans" around the world. The number of visits to the web site is another encouraging sign, if we can translate a fraction of those into visitors to the Centre, we should be ok.

Enquiries are coming in for the Gala Day and Agricultural Show season. If all goes well, it should be a busy time.

A word on volunteering. We are always keen to hear from people wishing to volunteer at the centre. Our policy is one of encouraging those interested in bird welfare, or in falconry. The idea behind the volunteer system is one of providing education to those wishing to learn about Birds of Prey, and to illustrate to potential falconers, the amount of knowledge, time, and dedication required, to own and fly a Bird of Prey. In return for providing their time, the volunteers receive instruction and experience, while working with the birds. Many volunteers turn up on the first day, expecting to be handling birds within a few hours. Think again. The first thing volunteers learn is how to clean out properly and disinfect. If they are keen, they will stick with it.

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