Wednesday, 17 February 2010

It has been a while

I have been nagged. I have neglected to keep up to date on the blog. I know it has been a while since I last posted. Anyway.

We have had a few visits to Lomond Shores over the last few weeks, as usual, I am always surprised with the reaction of people to our birds. Some know a little about Owls and Birds of Prey, a few know quite a bit, the majority know very little. It pleases me when they depart having been enlightened and educated. The reaction of the kids always brings a smile to my face. The expressions when they are touching an owl, it is like a completely new world to them. Even the parents are caught up in the sense of excitement, (I have caught a few of them out, their mouths wide with amazement when they touch a Barn Owl's head). Then, there is the sight of a Golden Eagle. Few people have seen a Golden Eagle, even fewer have stood right beside one. Orla's size, attitude, and approachability, seem to amaze everyone.

Now is the time to decide which birds are moulting this year, and which ones will fly through the summer. Decisions, decisions. In saying that, there are some birds who are in serious need of new feathers, and some that need a rest.

Talking of moulting, the wild Buzzard taken in last May is moulting well. His feet have healed completely, his wing is now perfect, and the broken feathers litter the bottom of his aviary. Hopefully, another eight to ten weeks will see him released. The Buzzard with the gunshot wound is really improving. The skin and flesh on his wing look really healthy. His wing feathers are growing in, the muscles are functional, the bones are strong and healthy. The wound has healed, and there is no sign of infection. We can only hope there is enough healthy skin and flesh to allow the feathers to be effective when they grow in.

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