Thursday, 4 March 2010

As seen on TV

What a surprise this morning. I got a phone call from STV, asking if I would like to appear on their show, "The Hour", on Friday evening. It seems the producer visited the centre at the weekend with his family, and was very impressed. The recent submission of a petition by the RSPB to the Scottish Parliament has been on the news and in the papers. So, as a way of highlighting the plight of Birds of Prey, the team have come up with the idea of having birds in the studio, and explaining persecution etc. What an honour, I might stop shaking after we are finished.

This cold weather is still playing havoc with the water supply and cleaning. The ground in the aviaries and weathering pens is still frozen solid, except where the sun shines for a few hours. This means, the opportunity to clean has to be taken when available.

The condition of both wild Buzzards continues to improve daily. Both are growing new feathers, as I said before, we can only hope the feathers on the wing of the shot Buzzard have a strong enough hold to develop properly.

I can't wait for some decent weather. There is so much to do. The more I think of what needs to be done, the more I think we need twenty four hours of daylight each day.

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