Friday, 26 March 2010

Smart outlook.

Let me start by saying a huge "thank you" to Anne and Elaine at "Hawkshead" at Lomond Shores. They have kitted us out with our new uniforms. The Hawkshead logo looks appropriate. So, we can all wear the same colours when we are on display. The boys will not be allowed to wear any new stuff when they are cleaning out, or, I will get them to clean out Aggro, while she is in the pen. Ross has made a start on putting the new sand into the weathering pens. This is the first chance we have had, considering all the bad weather and frozen ground. We will wait a few weeks yet before we tackle the painting of the centre.

By the way, the illustration of a Kestrel is supposed to be used to identify the male. The only way anyone would see this view, is from above, really clever, eh ?

I actually caught sight of one of the wild Tawny Owls at the centre last night. I didn't get back until around 9pm. When I was opening the gate to leave, I heard it calling, then right above me, there it was, just about 4 feet above my head. Proves who the culprit is when it comes to knocking the owl ornaments off the fence posts at night.

We have carried out six education visits over the last ten days, it is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do. The expression on the face of a young child when they see an owl really close for the first time, priceless. And, despite all the facts about European Eagle Owls, power, ferocity, size etc., the kids always want to meet Mozart. Right enough, he is one of the most laid-back owls I know, and is never phased by all the attention and touching. He is the bird that all the kids want to hug.

Hopefully we are due some better weather. It is about time. No one wants to venture far when it is windy, wet, and cold. Here's to Spring, and the clocks going forward.

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