Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter Weekend

Easter already, again. It doesn't seem a year since the last one. Today was a good day. We had a Hawk Walk for two, they certainly enjoyed the experience. And quite a few visitors. Yesterday, we had a family visit, who were very complimentary about the centre. "The best one I have seen". It brought a lump to my throat, I think people recognise the passion that we have for the birds, and the standard of care they get. It is very rewarding when we get comments like that.

The pens are looking much better with the fresh sand in them. The spare pen has been painted on the inside, it looks better, albeit, see-through paint, with the wood pattern showing. It actually looks very good. I got the van washed as well, badly needed. Now that the sun is appearing on a regular basis, and the frost seems to be receeding, we can get the birds bathed on a more regular basis. Some of them love it, some tolerate the water, and some hate it , those are the ones that get a shower.

Here's hoping the weather holds and encourages visitors to come in. This is the official start to our season, and gives us a good idea of how the year will go. Fingers crossed, after such a dismal Autumn and Winter, I think we all need a spell of good weather. The birds need it too. We can now select the birds we will fly through the summer, although, it looks like a small number due to the start of the moult. So far, Orla is still intact feather-wise, and looks as if she will be one of the summer flying birds.

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